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Entering Dry Bulb °F Exiting Dry Bulb °F
Entering Exiting

To calculate system btu's enter 


Entering Air
Leaving Air
Dry Bulb  °F   Dry Bulb  °F  
Wet Bulb  °F   Wet Bulb  °F
Dew Point  °F Dew Point  °F
RH % RH %
(Moisture content)Hum ratio gr/lb    Hum Ratio gr/lb
Sat. vap pr: psia Sat. vap pr: psia
Enthalpy   btu/lb Enthalpy   btu/lb

** The two choices for CFM types are Actual & Standard.
Actual(ACFM) is the actual amount of air entering the system regardless of temperature, humidity or altitude.
Standard(SCFM) is air measured at sea level, 70° with 0% humidity.
The calculations are based on Standard air so Actual CFM is automatically converted to Standard CFM for those purposes.
If SCFM is chosen then the ACFM shown is the actual amount of airflow needed to achieve the proper mass flow rate.