This page will calculate how long it will take to pay off your remaining balance depending on how much you pay each month. There is a standard loan amortization calculator too.

This page will calculate the actual interest rates you get on I-Bonds given the Consumer Price Index figures. It also explains the way Ibonds are calculated & you can see the new rates two weeks before the Government publishes them in May & November.

This page will calculate your estimated private mortgage insurance. It also has a few tidbits of info about how the banks monopolize the PMI business giving the borrower no choice at all.

Retirement and Savings
money pic
1: Compounded Savings
Starting Balance $
Interest Rate %

Your savings will be:  dollars
2: Now let's start saving **
Starting Balance $
Interest Rate %
Months for saving

New Balance:
3: How long will our savings last
Starting Balance $
Interest Rate %
Annual Withdrawl

Your savings will last:  years
and months
4: Find interest rate you need
Starting Balance $
Ending Balance $

Your inerest rate will be:  %

5: Interest on Dividends or Interest
Annual rate of return or interest %
Payments received
Return rate on payments reinvested %

Total of all combined payments & interest for the year: 


The four caculators on this page have slightly different purposes. Since you don't always know the rate of future interest your money will grow, you may have to guess at an average interest rate figure.

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