Example of a completed Heat Pump balance point chart:

Structure Values
Structure Temp 1:  Structure Temp 2:  Structure Temp 3:  Structure Temp 4:  Structure Temp 5: 
Structure Btu's 1:  Structure Btu's 2:  Structure Btu's 3:  Structure Btu's 4:  Structure Btu's 5: 

Equipment Values
Equipment Temp 1:  Equipment Temp 2:  Equipment Temp 3:  Equipment Temp 4:  Equipment Temp 5: 
Equipment Btu's 1:  Equipment Btu's 2:  Equipment Btu's 3:  Equipment Btu's 4:  Equipment Btu's 5: 
Enter up to five sections of data for the Structure starting at Structure Temp 1 and Structure Btu's 1. Then enter up to five sections of data for the Equipment starting at Equipment Temp 1 and Equipment Btu's 1.
A minimum of two sections are needed for both Structure and Equipment to find the balance point but both sections do not have to have the same amount of data entries to work.